Divorce Mediation


Nancy chooses to use a unique model of co-mediation to mediate divorces, separations, interpersonal conflicts and co-parenting agreements. Nancy co-mediates with John Duda, M.F.T., a couples and family therapist. They bring to the mediation their respective education, training and experience.

The benefit of having an attorney and a couples and family therapist working together as co-mediators is that both the psychological and legal dimensions of the issues are addressed for the separating or divorcing couple in a very comprehensive way. Addressing the psychological issues at the same time as the legal issues improves the efficiency of the mediation process and improves the communication of the parties. In addition, having a female lawyer and a male therapist may increase the comfort level of the clients, as the mediation feels more balanced.

Click Advantages to Mediation (at left) for divorcing couples. An added advantage is that the parties can knit together an on-going parenting relationship that can work for the children.

We have three convenient locations for divorce mediation:
San Francisco, Burlingame and Menlo Park.